About us


The OBT Development Board, Inc. endeavors to plan and implement projects intended to revitalize the Orange Blossom Trail area.


The Board works as a conduit between local governments, property owners, developers and technical groups with the sole purpose of improving the lives of our residents.


Improvements along the OBT corridor come in the shape of aesthetics, economic viability, social justice, infrastructure, and crime prevention and reduction.




  • Enhance the Aesthetic Quality of OBT

       Created OBT Billboard Overlay District

       Voluntary Sign Reduction Program

       Adult Business Ordinance (revisions / restrictions)

  • Enhance Neighborhood Pride

       Fence & Mailbox Projects

       No-cost home repairs for owner-occupants

       Neighborhood Entranceway Signs

  • Economic Development

       Orange County Enterprize Zone

       First Brownfields Area Designation

  • Neighborhood Infrastructure

       Sanitary Sewers

       Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters

       Paved Streets & Streetlights

  • Crime Prevention Bill

       Lobbied for Fees from Criminals to Fund Safe Neighborhood Initiative